Wednesday, November 3, 2010

TEEN WITCH: One of the scariest movies I've ever seen.

So, last week, in the spirit of Halloween we chose to watch the quirky, teenage fantasy/"comedy" TEEN WITCH. I don't think any of us were properly prepared for the content of this 1989 classic.
Rocket Smith had dazzled us with her past two movie choices so I was looking for something really bad.... luckily, this one did not disappoint. In fact it was so painfully awesome that it inspired the name of this entire blog...and earned it.
I was the only one of us that had actually seen this gem. I watched and enjoyed it as a nine year old girl and was so excited to present it to the group.

This movie embraces a time when people where transitioning out of the crazy over the top style of the 80's into the frumpy fashion movement of the 1990's. It was also a time when rap had broken through to mainstream suburbia and created groups like New Kids On The Block. Which made popular the idea that being "tough" was getting together with your buddies and making up dance routines. Man, those were the days.

More things we love about this movie

-the plot, or lack there of. I know the movie was suppose to be about a teenage girl that finds out she's a witch with special powers but after they established that, the movie just turned into series of zany moments that made very little sense....making it awesome!

-the fact that every time we would all think that this movie couldn't get any worse it would surprise us with the next scene that would somehow be worst than the last.

-the type casting of Zelda Rubinstein as the strange palm reading witch Madame Serena.

-Dick Sargent playing the Teen witch's father.

-The creepy dream sequence with the hunky Brad.

-One of Cougar Magnet and Uncle Pete's favorite scenes was when the cheerleaders show off their new routine in the locker room "it's so fab"!

- But, we could all agree, our favorite scene in the entire move was when Louise (teen witch) conjures up her powers to make her best friend cool enough to rap with the white boys in "Top That". If there is only one scene you remember from this movie it will be this one.....get ready.

-My favorite was hearing Uncle Pete trying to sing "I'm hot and you're not"

Drink Recipe: Uncle Pete calls this one the Christine O'donnell
1.5 shot of vodka
2 tablespoons of blackberry puree
1 table spoon of simple syrup (or sweeten to taste)
and a splash of soda for fizz


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  1. I have to say, if I had to pick the single most awkward part of any movie ever made, it would be the "top-that" scene in Teen Witch. It blows my mind how messed up it is. Aside from the terrible rap and horrible dance moves, here are some other bits and quotes that made me laugh out loud:

    1) The rolled up trousers on the "cool" dude.
    2) "Look how funky he is."
    3) "I will never be hip." (this, in fact, turns out to be the case).