Friday, March 18, 2011

Once you go Quack, you never go back

Or at least that's what Uncle P* decide while watching this next movie.

*what does the P stand for, you ask? I'm starting to think it's for "pun." Uncle Pun has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Howard the Duck
Here's the trailer:

We notice several awesome things about this movie:

1. Wow, that was some terrible acting!

2. I wish I had a crimper for my hair because Leah Thompson's hair was pretty amazing.

3. Birds and Arrows show perform behind a chain-link fence from now on because their shows definitely get rowdy!

4. There was an odd mix of reactions to people who encountered Howard - they would either find him totally acceptable, or run screaming. No in between. And on a few people thought it was a kid dressed in a duck suit.

5. When Beverly was going through Howard's wallet, she stumbles across a condom. This was a strange scene. First, we noticed that based on the size of this condom, extraterrestrial ducks aren't very well endowed. Second, and more disturbing, the condom wasn't in a package or anything. Just hanging out in the wallet. What is up with that?

6. So when a human and an extraterrestrial duck get it on, is it bestiality?

I could go on, but instead I'll just refer you to this amazing video I found on youtube: The 10 Most Disturbing Howard the Duck Moments. It's got it all, including the duck bobbies.

7. The special effects in this movie are definitely worth mentioning, especially the lasers and fire coming out of the bad dude's eyes (the fun starts around 5:25).

I have to admit that I totally fell asleep towards the end of this one. However I did manage to wake back up for the best ending of a movie evah!

And to think that the Apologetic Bartender and I both loved this movie as kids...

Our cocktail of the evening: The Gilbert Got-Fired

A shot of vodka
some kualha
a splash of milk
Garnish with a peep.

I really wish we had remembered to take a photo of this one!

Friday, March 4, 2011

It's made of People! PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night we sat down to watch the infamous 1973 sci-fi movie, Soylent Green.

Here's the trailer, which basically sums up the entire movie in 3 and a half minutes:

I'm not sure what inspired us to watch this other than it had been in my Netflix queue for about a year, and finally showed up the other day.

There were some pretty notable parts that we would like to mention:

1. Charlton Heston's figure. Now I realize that tastes in men's physiques have change over the years, but were the man boobs "in" back then? And what was up with his pants? They had an interesting flap in the groinal region.

2. The makers of this movie were severely lacking in imagination. The movie took place 50 years in the future from when it was originally made (11 years away from us!), yet the telephones were HUGE!!! Yet another piece of evidence that when you imagine the future, things just get bigger, not smaller like in reality...

3. Despite being 50 years in the future, the women's liberation movement had made no progress. In one memorable scene, Thorn (Charlton) looks at this woman, and says "Bed." That's it, just one word. She then goes into the bedroom, turns down the bed, takes off her closes, and gets in bed. I think I saw the Apologetic Bartender's nostrils flare when that happened.

4. Also, expect a lot of cleavage-bearing clothing in the future (at least they go that one partially correct!).

5. The riot scene pointed out how bad the sound engineering was in this movie. ("The scoops are coming! The scoops are coming!" Because in reality, you couldn't jump out....) Especially when Thorn gets into the fight with his would-be assasin. The use of fake blood (aka red paint) was pretty fantastic. You can check out the scene here.

6. I will say that we did thoroughly enjoy the opening credits. Especially the use of our favorite music genre: Apocalyptic Jazz!

7. The final scene is what made the movie worth it! If you haven't watched the movie before, beware of the spoiler!

For this movie it should be no surprise that we made green drinks! Let's call this one St. Patrick's Day Cheezits! Unless someone has a better suggestion.

I believe the Apologetic Bartender made this by combining vodka with Naked Juice Green Machine, and a splash of sparkling green apple juice. (AB - please let me know the right directions!)