Friday, October 29, 2010

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: Talk about the Love Sack!

When I was a child my primary exposure to The Beatles was through this movie. Embarrassing, I know! Uncle P and I were the only ones to have seen the movie before this viewing. I'm sure Cougar Magnet and Apologetic Bartender are now convinced that their childhoods were severely lacking.

Some of the things we loved:

- The truly amazing line-up of big names in this movie, including Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Earth Wind & Fire, and many more.

- The total awkward attempt of George Burns trying to remove the trumpet from the wax figure's hands (32 seconds into the trailer).

- About half way through the movie we noticed that there was ABSOLUTELY NO dialog other than George Burn's narration.

- Super-creepy robotic masseuses

- During Lucy and the Sky with Diamonds, Cougar Magnet piped up with a question: "Are they saying 'Talk about the Love Sack'?"

- What could be more sexy than the combination of Peter Frampton and the Bee Gees?

- For the musicians out there, there is an amazing amount of bass in each and every song. Amazing amounts, I tell ya...

- The ultimate battle of the bands: Aerosmith (and Steve Tyler's lips) vs. Peter Frampton and the Bee Gees. Obviously Peter Frampton and the Bee Gees would win that one...

- After watching the movie, we decided to look at the wikipedia entry on the movie. Our favorite part was the "critical reception" section, which included such gems as:

"conceived in a spirit of merriment, ... watching it feels like playing shuffleboard at the absolute insistence of a bossy shipboard social director. When whimsy gets to be this overbearing, it simply isn't whimsy any more."


"a film with a dangerous resemblance to wallpaper."


"the album proves conclusively that you can't go home again in 1978. Or, if you do, you'd better be aware of who's taken over the neighborhood."

Drink Recipe: HAPPY ENDING! (thanks to Apologetic Bartender)
- I don't think we came up with a specific drink for SPLHCB, but this one came about a previous evening, and was just too good not to share

a little muddled watermelon
1.5 shots vodka
soda water
garnished with a few slices of watermelon

Enjoy the drink and then enjoy the watermelon happy ending as a refreshing end to your drink!


Xanadu: Where Time Stops but the Magic Never Ends!

This blog was inspired by a series of awesomely terrible movies combined with tasty cocktails. We've decided that this is a tradition worth continuing and documenting! So here are some thoughts on the first movie.


This movie choice was inspired by my sister's and my early love of Olivia Newton John. We use to watch this movie over and over. I think Uncle P may have actually seen this one in the movie theater...

Wait a minute - did he just say "Open your eyes and hear the music"? I guess that's better than "unplug your ears and see that magic." (good catch, Apologetic Bartender!)

Some of the things we loved about this one:

- The terrible acting

- The entire premise - really, who needs a muse to open a roller skating club?

- And what was up with Sonny's job of painting large versions of the record covers? Bizarre, yet at the same time it's Uncle P's dream job as a commissioned artist.

- Uncle P would like to point out that without ELO the whole movie would have just implode.

- We would also like to point out how embarrassing it must have been for Gene Kelley end his career with this.  Man, the 70's really did brain wash people into making bad decisions.

- Probably our favorite quote in the movie: "This is the best day in the whole world!

- Cougar Magnet was particularly disturbed by the climax scene/performance of the title track. Something about tightrope walker's balls resting on the the rope. If you need more specific imagery, it starts around 1:30 in this music video. Additionally, all the costume changes in the video are pretty much amazing.

XANADU, the drink recipe!!! (created by our one and only Apologetic Bartender)

1.5 shots vodka
freshly squeezed grapefruit juice
a splash of ginger ale
1 spring of basil

Truly a tasty delight!

Stay tune for more movies and drinks.